Are you ready for an unforgettable winter adventure? MEK JET offers a unique heliski experience on magnificent mountains and untouched peaks. Heliskiing is an exciting sport that takes you away from traditional ski resorts, allowing you to ski on peaks reached by private helicopters.

Why MEK JET Heliski?

  • Spectacular Views: ME K JET takes you to extraordinary peaks beyond traditional ski slopes with its helicopters. Ski amidst breathtaking mountain views and savor the beauty of nature.
  • Unique Slopes: MEK JET’s helicopters transport you to exceptional slopes, offering exclusive routes and challenging descents not found on conventional ski pistes.
  • Snow Quality: MEK JET is renowned for the dry, light, and powdery snow on the northern slopes. This provides an ideal terrain for heliski enthusiasts.
  • Safe and Professional Service: MEK JET prioritizes safety and professionalism to make your heliski experience unforgettable. You can trust our experienced guides and helicopter pilots.

MEK JET Heliski Packages

MEK JET provides custom heliski packages for individuals with varying skiing skills. Explore unforgettable winter getaways with group tours, private tours, and special events in MEK JET’s heliski packages.


  • Experienced Guides: MEK JET collaborates with expert and experienced heliski guides.
  • Luxury Helicopters: MEK JET’s fleet includes carefully selected luxury helicopters to ensure a comfortable and secure heliski experience.
  • Exclusive Routes: MEK JET offers clients extraordinary and exclusive heliski routes, providing a unique experience.

If you’re ready for an unforgettable winter adventure, get ready to experience heliskiing on unique peaks with MEK JET. Visit our website for detailed information and reservations. Experience the thrill of heliskiing with the MEK JET difference!

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