Helicopter Ambulance

In situations where time is critical and there is no airport available, helicopter ambulance is offered as the most suitable solution, equipped with intensive care facilities and an experienced medical team. With helicopter ambulances, patients can be transferred to hospital heliports, or in areas without heliports, they can be landed in the most suitable area, ensuring the quickest patient transfer. Helicopter ambulances eliminate the need for ground transportation, thus saving time and costs. The ambulance helicopters used in the service are approved by the Ministry of Health and regulated by the Turkish Civil Aviation authorities, equipped with intensive care facilities, and undergo regular maintenance.

The pricing for patient transfers with helicopter ambulances is calculated based on the flight duration. After providing us with the medical report of the patient (epicrisis), our medical team will evaluate if the patient is suitable for transfer via helicopter ambulance. If the patient is suitable, we will offer you the most cost-effective option based on the total flight duration.

For helicopter ambulance and air ambulance services related to your patient’s medical condition and medical evacuation from their location, you can contact our team anytime without any charge. You can reach us and inquire about further information through the following contact details:

+90 541 570 99 11

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