Passenger Aircraft Charter

MEK JET provides worldwide passenger aircraft rental services for emergency evacuations or group travels. With its passenger aircraft rental service, MEK JET offers advantageous flight programs for your business trips or group travels. Multinational companies, sports club fan groups, music bands, official visits, trade fair visits, dealer meetings, and many other events can benefit from fast and safe transportation services. You can contact us to find the suitable aircraft model and pricing for your specific request.

Passenger Aircraft Charter

Here are some areas where you can benefit from passenger aircraft rental services:

Personnel Transportation Logistics We can provide you with tailored proposals based on your company’s logistic needs, such as timely transportation of your personnel to any location worldwide, including regions with no scheduled flights or underdeveloped areas. With our private aircraft rental service, independent of connecting flights and schedules, we can focus on delivering secure and fast transportation for your personnel to the required destinations and arrange return journeys if requested. Some sectors we provide passenger aircraft rental services to include:

  • Oil & Gas, Energy companies
  • Sports clubs
  • Construction companies
  • Mining companies

Travel Agencies We offer series rentals for travel agencies, travel management companies, and tour operators. We provide private aircraft rental services that meet the demands of events, private jet and aircraft rental for high-end clients, as well as passenger aircraft rental services for emergency evacuations and repatriations.

MEK JET is dedicated to meeting your needs and providing solutions for passenger aircraft rental services in various industries. Contact us for more information and to discuss your specific requirements.

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Personnel Transport Logistics

We deliver your company's personnel to any part of the world on time without being bound by tariffs.

Sector-Specific Aircraft Chartering

Special aircraft charter solutions for Oil & Gas, Energy, Construction and Mining companies.

Luxury and Safe Journeys

Enjoy unforgettable and safe travels with MEK JET's passenger plane charter service.

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